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Artist Statement


My artwork reflects my intuitive and expressive nature, where abstract and fantastic imagery come to life. I have developed a visual language that embodies rhythm, pattern, and design, providing me with the freedom to express myself in unique ways.

My abstract work ranges from whimsical cartoon-like subjects, which infuse a sense of irony and humor, to more aesthetic and thought-provoking imagery. My artwork not only allows me to engage with people, but it also provides a medium for collaboration, enabling me to transform surfaces into unique pieces of art.

I use acrylic paint and brushes to work on various surfaces. The versatility of acrylic paint allows me to work quickly, capturing the energy of the moment through a free-style technique. My inspiration comes from my imagination, spirituality, life experiences, creativity, music, and the arts. Through my work, I strive to communicate joy, happiness, and beauty, inspiring others to explore their creativity and engage in the artistic process.

My childhood experiences and cultural influences have played a significant role in shaping my artistic vision, particularly my deep connection to my Italian American heritage. The food, travel, people, architecture, and fashion that have shaped my life inspire my artwork, allowing me to create unique and powerful imagery.

Influenced by the works of Keith Haring, Joan Miro, Marc Chagall, and Wassily Kandinsky, my art reflects my love for symbiotic language, expression of color, movement, and symbiotic simplicity, fantastic depictions from the imagination, and spirituality in art and the correlation between music, movement, and abstract visual expression.

Through my art, I hope to evoke emotions, inspire creativity, and engage in the beauty of the world.

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